Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Felony charges against Scirrotto dropped

Give me a dancing monkey baby!!

WMAJ Radio ESPN 1450 in State College is reporting that several felony charges against Penn State safety Anthony Scirrotto have been dropped.

This doesn't come as a big surprise to me because the lack of evidence against him; what still surprises me is this:

However, WMAJ reports that a felony charge of criminal trespass and non-felony charge of harassment are still pending vs. Scirrotto.

Harassment – yes, criminal trespass – huh? Again, there wasn't a person that could point him out but I guess you could still make a case. I'm betting it's plea bargain time and the "felony" part of that will get dropped and Mr. Scirrotto will be doing plenty of community service.

(HT: BSD – because I read Mike's blog before anything else)


Cory said...

I believe that Anthony admitted (to either Judicial Affairs or to the police, or both) that he entered the apartment.... hence the trespassing charge would remain at this stage of the proceedings.

Galen said...

ahhh... that makes sense then.

Black Shoe Diaries said...

Yeah. The only evidence they have that Scirrotto was at the apartment was his own admission in his statement to the police.

This is why you take advantage of the right to remain silent! D'OH!

Mike said...

That sounds awfully close to "I wish he had gotten completely away with it". Not what I'm looking for in representatives of our program. Miami, of course, felt differently.

How about "this is why you don't assemble a posse to go lay down a retaliatory beat-down"?

Anonymous said...


Read much? The Presiding Judge of Centre County said that he didn't "assemble a posse" and that's why the criminal solicitation charges were dismissed.