Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blog Chips

Busy times around these here parts so it's linky linky time folks…

-Andrew Quarless has been named to the watch list for the John Mackey Award, presented to the nation's top football tight end. He is one of only four sophomores to make the list.

-It's been waaaaaaayy to long to not mention something about the Nittany Lion Fight Club so here you go… Centre County District Attorney Michael Madeira has requested a delay for the trials of Anthony Scirrotto and Chris Baker. The delay was necessary for DA's office to sort through all the information they received from the Penn State Office of Judicial Affairs. Last week the DA's office served a search warrant for all of JA's records in the case. The trial will be postponed until the October term of criminal court; it was originally scheduled for next month or September.

-Penn State will once again kick off the 2007 season with its annual Football Eve on Friday, August 31. Well technically it's "Penn State Football Eve presented by Sheetz," I don't want to upset our corporate sponsor overlords. This will be the fourth year for the event; you may remember last year it was canceled because of rain… and by "rain" I mean a deluge of biblical proportions.

-Mike from BSD has done a great job of multitasking. In one post he successfully reinforced that CDT's Ron Bracken doesn't know a single thing about college football and managed to piss off an entire division of fans – how do I know that? Take a look at some of the mail he received. Kudos – I'm jealous.

-Finally: Add Arkansas State to the list of soon (maybe) to be politically correct schools. The university will retire its hostile and/or abusive Native American mascot. Chancellor Robert L. Potts named a "Mascot Selection Steering Committee" to solicit ideas for a new mascot after a "Mascot Review Committee" unanimously endorsed dropping the Indian mascot. There was no timetable set for retiring the old mascot or finding a new one. Now that's a lot of committees to do a simple task, it appears that ASU has about as much bureaucracy as the United States Government. I have years of experience dealing with lumbering administrative bullshit and trust me when I say this…. Joe Paterno will be retired before ASU has a new mascot, by the looks of things.

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