Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blue & White Roundtable from Sin City

I’m phoning it in from Vegas extremely drunk so sue me if these questions go astray. RUTS has the questions this week and apparently he’s in a talky mood. Enjoy….

1. For some odd reason, the undefeated 1994 Penn State team has been popping up on various blogs and message boards lately. What's your favorite memory of that season, and what made that team so unbelievably special?

Brian Milne crashing into the endzone and putting the final touches on a great comeback against Illinois. That put the ending to “the drive” against a fantastic defense with a lot of future NFL defensive players. It proved that Penn State’s offense was one for the ages.

2. Penn State -- and especially Penn State fans -- have always had a love/hate relationship with the Big Ten, and vice versa. Back in '94, most of the AP voters in the Big Ten region voted Nebraska #1. We don't need to get too far into the various officiating controversies, real or imagined, in big games against Ohio State and (especially) Michigan. On the other hand, it's pretty clear that most non-Irish schools need some sort of conference affiliation. Does Penn State really belong in the Big Ten? In your eyes, what is PSU's ideal conference -- would we be better off in the Big East or ACC? For bonus points, break apart current conferences and create your own Super Awesome Conference.

WOW!!! You give me a question like that while in Vegas?? Is this some sort of punishment for that hooker last night? Hmm… I hated the press during the 94 season that is why TNL exists. I felt all the regional reporters had some kind vendetta against Paterno and they had no problem voting for the huskers. I had to laugh at the Big Ten AP voters that watched PSU walk into their team’s back yard, kick the ever-loving shit out of them and vote for Nebraska. Real good unbiased thinking – I’m guessing they were happy with Nebraska’s impressive wins especially like the close one against winless Iowa State. Yes Penn State belongs in the Big Ten, it’s a very good fit, but the Big Ten AP members can kiss my ass. No bonus points for me I’m way too inebriated for hard work.

3. What game on this year's schedule is most likely to induce severe depression and force you to repeatedly ask yourself on Sunday morning, "How the hell did we lose that game?"

I keep saying this but no one listens – I think Illinois is a trap game. That team will beat someone they shouldn’t and I’m afraid it will be the Nittany Lions. With a top recruiting class and a mobile quarterback this team will make some noise in the Big Ten.

4. The hot rumor (okay, not really) is that ESPN GameDay will be coming to the PSU / Notre Dame game this September. Generally speaking, what are your thoughts about GameDay? Has ESPN improved college football over the past 15 years, or made it worse?

I was there for GameDay when Ohio State came to Happy Valley and it was a blast. GameDay is the shinny end to an otherwise dull turd of a network. ESPN has become to sports what MTV has become to music – I don’t know how anyone watches either one. Putting NACAR in place of college football on Saturday nights is the end all for TWWL. They’ve completely lost touch with their audience, but they’re a monopoly so there’s no competition.

5. What's more ridiculous than bowl predictions in June? Talking about them in a semi-serious manner! Fox Sports recently published their 2007-2008 bowl predictions , and they have Penn State playing Georgia in the Capital One Bowl (which would roughly be the 25th anniversary of our first National Championship -- against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl). FSN has Wisconsin winning the Big Ten and heading to the Rose Bowl, along with Michigan getting the Big Ten a second BCS slot in the Sugar Bowl (against Hawaii?!?). In this scenario, Penn State finishes third in the conference, probably with a 10-2 record. Is that reasonable? Good enough for your lofty standards?

It’s acceptable to me but I definitely want more. If all things fall in place this team could have a very good year and I think the talent is there. Paterno says this team is “young” but there is plenty of experience they just need someone to lead the team. Bowl predictions are like preseason rankings, it’s fun to look at if only for the simple reason that it’s June and we have a reason to talk about college football.

Lightning Round
* Okay, hit us with a movie suggestion.
The Chronicles of Narnia is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.

* If you could watch a game in any other college stadium, where would it be?

I would love to see a game in one of the southern schools because it’s rumored they know how to party.

* What will Notre Dame's final record be this season?

6-6 they still have the service academies in the schedule.

There you have it from Sin City. Head on over to BSD and of course RUTS to get their answers and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. For your viewing pleasure I leave you with my favorite sign in Vegas.


Run Up The Score! said...

So, they have internet access in jail? Not bad!

Galen said...

Yeah but it's $20 an hour but hey... you guys are worth it.

Run Up The Score! said...

Funny, I figured the currency would be cartons of cigarettes or $5 chips.

Galen said...

Oh, I never specified the currency just the total value. I had to give away a couple hours of my best hooker.