Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog Chips

Well that was a long weekend… I need to get back to work to give my liver a much needed rest. Things are awfully quiet right now but there are a few things to mention.

-BSD is reporting that PSU lost one of their home-grown recruits to Florida State - time to hit the Panic Button yet?

-There’s mixed reaction from the professionals on Paterno’s team punishment. NorthJersey.com staff reporter John Rowe thinks Joe is being unfair to the members of the team that weren’t part of the scuffle:

But they all weren't wrong. Why should the quarterback who was studying in the library, the backup tackle who was sipping coffee with his girlfriend in Starbucks, or the defensive end sleeping in the dorm be held responsible for what a few teammates did?

-Bill Conlin of the Philadelphia Daily News is comparing Paterno to fictional Captain Philip Francis Queeg, of the minesweeper USS Caine.

Look, Joe, if these kids were looking for group punishment, maybe some of them would have joined the Marines. Know how hard the rest of the Big Ten will be laughing?

-Remarkably the only person agreeing with Joe’s decision is long-time curmudgeon Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Too bad more college coaches don't try it. It might go a long way toward stopping the abhorrent behavior by athletes that goes on at every school.

Ok I liked the punishment, but when Cook is the only one on board I start to second guess myself.

Update: I forgot to mention that our good friend RUTS has moved from blogger to wordpress (the dark side can be strong) and can be found at: http://runupthescore.wordpress.com/. Rest assured that all links have been updated.

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