Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blue & White Roundtable

It’s Wednesday and that means Blue & White Roundtable and I have the questions this week. Let me just say this, it’s getting tough trying to dig up stuff to talk about without the Fight Club. Here you go…

Athlon Sports' College Football 2007 has selected linebacker Dan Connor as a preseason first team All-American and recognized 10 Nittany Lions on their All-Big Ten teams. Should we start jumping for joy now or is it just meaningless?

Completely meaningless, although it’s nice to see Connor and some of the other players get recognition but some of the “others” don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. If Kevin Kelly is the third best kicker in the Big Ten it’s a thin year for the conference. Likewise I would like to know who the other cornerbacks are that put Justin King on the second team in the Big Ten. Justin just doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

As BSD reported, Altoona Area High School’s A.J. Alexander spurned PSU to commit to Florida State – Now is it time to hit the Panic Button for this year’s recruiting class?

I’m beginning to fall on the panic side of things; this year’s recruiting isn’t turning out very good. Barring some sort of miracle push at the end of the season, PSU is in deep do-do. The most pressing need (runningback) has yet to be fulfilled and it’s starting to get late. It’s getting to the point that we need to forget about signing a 4 or 5 star runningback and just get some warm bodies at that position.

First the “special water bottle” and now dog fighting: Has Mike Vick finally done enough to warrant some sort of punishment from the Falcons yet or is it just another case of Ron Mexico being Ron Mexico?

Anybody want to bet he gets absolutely nothing out of this? Anyone? He’ll get some stern letter telling him how disappointed the league is with his actions that will end with “now go run around and make some spectacular plays.” It’s painfully obvious that the NFL doesn’t give a damn about how their players represent the league as long as they can play. We heard how the league was “cracking down” on misbehavior then several Miami Hurricanes got selected in the first round – you may remember the Hurricanes from such bench clearing brawls as Florida International. What a joke.

The free agents have been flying all over the place in the NFL, which one team has benefitted the most from free agency and put themselves in a position to contend?

New England is looking really good with the addition of Randy Moss, Donte' Stallworth, and Adalius Thomas. Moss gives Brady an “out” when he gets into trouble and a very good deep threat but we all know Moss comes with baggage. It will be interesting the first time Moss decides to take a play off – how will his teammates handle it?

Lightning Round
Which would you rather see: a Big Ten away game or a Professional football game of your team of choice?

Since I don’t give a damn about Pro Football outside of my fantasy team, I’ll say a Big Ten game.

Did you eat anything this weekend that makes you worry about your next cholesterol screening?

Slow-cooked pulled pork. Yum!

There you have it, as always feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below and head on over to Black Shoe Diaries and Run Up The Score for their take.

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