Friday, April 27, 2007

PSU beats Michigan

Nittany Lion fans may just have their coveted victory over Michigan before the season even starts. Orson and the guys at EDSBS are contacting NASA for help in tallying the points in the Fulmer Cup for each player charged in the Nittany Lion Fight Club. With one magnificent act of stupidity the Nittany Lions have catapulted themselves into first place with a whopping 34 points – and they say the SEC has speed.

Move over bitches, there's a new sheriff in town


Billybob said...

We need a review of the cup points here. Orson has tagged King, Hayes, Sargeant and Sales with 3 misdemeanors each. As I read the charges, they each have 2 misdemeanors and a felony trespass charge. That should move their collective total from 12 to 20. Total cup points should be 42, not 34.

Galen said...

It will probably come down in the end anyway, there's no way all those charges stick.