Friday, April 27, 2007

Panic Button, Meet Finger

That loud crash you just heard was the Penn State Nittany Lion's 07 season coming to a terrifying end.

From Fight On State:

Anthony Scirrotto

Burglary (felony), Criminal Trespass (felony), Criminal Solicitation, Simple Assault, Harrasment

Chris Baker

Burglary (felony), Criminal Trespass (felony), Criminal Mischief, Simple Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Harrasment

Justin King
Jerome Hayes
Lydell Sargeant
Tyrell Sales

Criminal Trespass (felony), Disorderly Conduct, Harrasment

Well Joe, the ball is in your court.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there was enough room in that apartment for their egos, let alone a fight. Idiots.

billybob said...

I don't see how Joe will be able to do anything here but hand out very long suspensions. This thins us out at LB and d-line some but not the end of the world as we've got some young talent in the wings there. However, I hope our d-line gets good pressure this year cause our secondary just went to hell.

Run Up The Score said...

Not good. Not good at all.

The charges against King, Sales, Hayes, and Sargeant are horseshit, at least from what was mentioned in the press release.

Baker and Scirrotto...they're in trouble. Big time.

As for PSU Judicial Affairs, I hate to think of what they'll do.

Galen said...

Yeah, legally I don't think you will see too much come of it, probably a boat load of community service - but what is the Gestapo known as Judicial Affairs going to do? They’re the wildcard.

Run Up The Score! said...

If I knew the first thing about JA, I could help, but I have no idea what they'll do. One of the people who has been feeding me info throughout this entire investigation says that the head of JA has it out for the football program, which could potentially suck more than anything the legal system ends up doing.