Monday, April 30, 2007

Draft Recap

Like most football junkies I spent the better part of the NFL draft at where else? My favorite bar surrounded by all the other local "experts". The following is a summary of my thoughts and some of the running commentary.

Pick #1 – Oakland: JaMarcus Russell (QB-LSU)

Could have bet the farm on this pick, suck on that Quinn, you're girlfriend's ugly.

Pick #5 – Arizona: Levi Brown (OT-Penn State)

Wow, brother just made some big bucks. Cha-ching. Left tackle must be really thin for him to go this high, Penn State pride at all time high.

Pick #9 – Miami: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR-tOSU)

WTF?!? Ted fucking Ginn?!?! If you would have told me a 5'11" wide receiver would go 9th in today's NFL I would have called the men in the padded truck to come pick you up. Miami Dolphins/Michigan fan at the end of the bar is livid and denounces his allegiance to the Dolphins, hilarity ensues. I think Brady Quinn is going to cry. His girlfriend however is starting to look hot to me.

Pick #15 – Pittsburgh: Lawrence Timmons (LB-Florida State)

Damn, this was the first real chance that Poz could have been selected but no one really thought he'd go this high. Getting a little anxious for Poz, and drinking way too much way too fast.

Pick #20 – New York Giants: Aaron Ross (CB-Texas)

Giants fans demand silence from bar as the G-men announce their retarded pick – everyone laughs. Give me a break, the horrible need at linebacker and offensive line and they go with corner. Personally I'm getting seriously anxious for Poz and seriously drunk. Is Brady Quinn back from taking a dump yet? Suck on it big guy. Quinn's girlfriend is now a babe!

Pick #22 – Cleveland: Brady Quinn (QB-Notre Dame)

Congrats Brady, you're going to the quarterback graveyard that is the Cleveland Browns. At least you can feel good they took brick wall Joe Thomas ahead of you *snicker*. The look on your face is priceless, almost as good as Leinart's last draft. Getting way to drunk – Brady's girlfriend is now a supermodel to me.

Pick #24 – New England: Brandon Meriweather (FS- Miami)

Meriweather?!? This was supposed to be the team high on Poz! You know, team player, stand up guy fits in to their system and they needed a LB so they take a Hurricane?! I'm now officially worried Poz won't be a first rounder and I'm officially drunk.

Pick #25 – Carolina: Jon Beason (LB-Miami)

Beason?! What the HELL!? Carolina can kiss my ass, the whole NFL can kiss my ass – whoever picks Poz is my new team and the rest of the NFL can blow me. I hate Carolina.

*End of First Round*

Now I'm just a miserable drunk pissed off at the world.

Pick #34 – Buffalo: Paul Posluszny (LB – Penn State)

Wooo hoooo! I'm a billllss flan, fluck the rest of the mfl *sound of head bouncing off bar as I pass out*

*End of draft for me*

Angry girlfriend escorts my drunk-ass home.

The rest of the story

Pick #81 – New York Giants: Jay Alford

Bit of a surprise here, I didn't think Alford would go this high and I'm not sure if Giants fans were too happy about it. Again, I think the Giants had more pressing needs, but good for Alford.

Pick #90 – Philadelphia: Tony Hunt

Damn it, now I have to hear it from Philly fans and I know a lot of them. Most Philly fans I know aren't PSU fans so I'm damned if he does good and damned if does bad – either way I'll take a lot of crap. In all honesty I believe it's a great pick for the Eagles, they need a big back that can run straight ahead and pound out tough yards. I think Tony fits that description pretty well.

Pick #164 – Carolina: Tim Shaw

Mike from BSD was shocked to see Tim go this low but I wasn't, he's a bit of a wildcard from an NFL standpoint. The guy went from Runningback to Linebacker to End and didn't excel at any one of them. Sure he was a team leader and did pretty good at LB and End but he didn't have eye-popping numbers. I'm sure a lot of scouts were impressed with his 40 time but that alone doesn't get you a big contract in the NFL.


All in all, not a bad draft for the former Nittany Lions, I think Poz will get a shot to play right out of the box and Arizona is going to rely heavily on Levi. The rest – only time will tell.


Greg said...

I'm both an Eagles fan and a PSU fan, so I love the Tony Hunt pick. Based on how he did at the end of last year, when it appeared he kept getting tougher and tougher as the year went on, this could be a huge steal for the Beagles. Even if it's not, it's always good to have guys who can run, especially with Correll Buckhalter's history of injuries.

Are you implying that Matt Leinart didn't want to go to the Cardinals? I live in Phoenix, and he might have been disappointed to drop so far, but he seems pretty happy throwing to Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald (and even Bryant Johnson). With Brown on the line, the Cardinals might (shocking!) make some noise this year. By "noise" I mean win 8 games, of course.

Coach said...

I too am thrilled about the Hunt pick - It's so great to FINALLY have a Lion in an Eagles uniform. Yea!

Galen said...

No no, I'm sure Leinart was happy to have such good targets but you could see the "I've just lost millions" look as he dropped. In the end he'll get his before it's all said and done.

Coach said...

I think that Leinart (and Brady, for that matter) was more embarrassed than anything else. His face got redder and redder the longer he sat. The commissioner relieved poor quinn by inviting him to sit in the back. Of course this didn't stop the cameras from broadcasting his empty seat.

I do like the new Reggie Bush commercial - where he thanks the teams that passed him by.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Ross for the giants will not hurt us.

Galen said...

So I heard.