Friday, April 06, 2007

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Ok, it's Good Friday, I'm off work (maybe it should be called Great Friday for that reason) and I'm extremely lazy so I'll let the rest of the internets take care of business.

Logan-El Officially Gone

Everyone kinda gave the Nittany Lion coaching staff a crooked look when they signed two Juco linemen in this year's class but now it makes a lot of sense. The coaching staff must have realized that one of the top recruits they were counting on was not going to be part of the team. Antonio Logan-El made it official when he announced (on a Facebook page no less) that "Yes, it is true, I am done playing football at Penn State," he said. "There is a chance that I [may] go somewhere else to [play] ball because I am a football player and I love the game. Things just didn't go the way me and my family wanted." I can't figure out how "things" don't work out in such a short timeframe, but whatever. Good luck to the young man, hopefully people realize that sometimes some athletes aren't cut out for Div I college football and put this behind us. Note: I'd give a HT to someone because I'm late on this but I've read this so many places I don't remember where I read it first.

As the World Turns

I've kept my mouth shut about the new downtown State College Fight Club started by some of the members of the football team because there isn't anything to report yet; the investigation is on-going. The mathematics are pretty simple in this one: Testosterone + Athlete + Woman + Loudmouth Jerk = Fight. You don't need an algebraic proof for that equation it's definitely true. Don't bother commenting that Penn State is turning into Miami or some other retarded comparison because I will mock and chide you until my fingers bleed from typing on the keyboard. These kids stupidly assaulted some people they shouldn't have and they will get their comeuppance in the end. I don't even want to get into the whole Soap Opera rumor mill garbage because it's a waste of time. Luckily you can find plenty of that over at BSD or RUTS. I think RUN from RUTS should get some sort of award for digging through the dirt and muck and finding every last little rumor out there. I tip my hat to him, I don't have the energy.

Happy Holidays From TNL

Finally, have a happy Easter from all of us at TNL. Hopefully the Jesus Bunny will visit you and leave plenty of forgiveness eggs. Ok, if I wasn't going to Hell before now…


Mike said...

Dude, you're as bad as the Florida State and Miami apologists with this one.

A fight would have been one thing. That's what I would have called it if Scirotto had just gone after the guys right away.

But breaking and entering with a posse in order to deal out retaliation (possibly not even against the right guys)? That's not a damn fight. It's a serious crime.

When I was in school, if I had gone after a guy who sucker-punched me, I'd have gotten my hand slapped. If I had instead rounded up a bunch of my friends and broke into his dorm room and then beat the crap out of him and his roommate (who didn't sucker-punch me), I'd be kicked out of school.

Galen said...

First off, if it happened just like you described it, I agree it's a problem but we have no idea if he rounded up a posse, if he followed the guy or if they beat up the "wrong guy." I'm not jumping to conclusions until I know all the info including who was involved and how it happened. Sorry if that makes me an apologist but I'm not condemning anyone until I know the facts and not rumor. Remember a certain QB accused of assult? I still have to argue with some "fans" that think Paterno got Casey off.

Mike P. said...

... and then an anonymous letter was dropped off at the door of the accuser?

All it said was,"The first rule of State College Fight Club is you do not talk about State College Fight Club."

BSD said...

This is one of those wierd times for me as a blogger. There's a story out there I don't really want to cover, I don't have any new information to offer, but the public wants to hear about it. My site hits are through the roof this week. There's no doubt that this is what people want to talk about right now, so I feel obligated to discuss it even though I don't want to.

Galen said...


There really wasn't 10 guys it was Anthony Scirrotto and his 9 alter egos.

Run Up The Score! said...

Seems to be closer to 3-5 guys who are in the big trouble. Backup DT, backup CB, backup FB/TE, and um...some other guy. It's early here in the mountains.

(Oh, semi-backup LB. And who knows what'll happen with A.S.)

Mike said...

"Remember a certain QB accused of assult? I still have to argue with some "fans" that think Paterno got Casey off."

I guess this explains it. I look back at the Casey situation and say "Paterno should have benched him for N games and said it was for not TRYING TO STOP HIS FRIEND FROM BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF AN OFF-DUTY COP". Then, if it turned out Casey was guilty of even more, he'd at least not have let him completely off.

Galen said...


When I said Paterno got him off I meant that some people believe that Paterno tampered with the jury to get Casey off, which is a ridiculous notion. You and I can disagree on whether or not Paterno should have benched him and that’s a valid argument – and decision I still have mixed emotions about. In the end I guess Paterno was right but I would have sat him down as well.

Mike said...

Agreed - I see no evidence Paterno tampered nor do I believe he ever would.

Anonymous said...

this one is for mike about the comment about he rounded up a posse well you know what you werent there and if you were you wouldnt be so fast to judge what happened so dont give that slap on the wrist crap your not man enough to say anything to begin with you were prolly jerking off that night leave the subject alone and stop making assumptions