Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blog Toss

Work and charitable events have taken up a lot of my time lately so I'll let the internets and other bloggers pick up the slack for me.

Go Blue!
Two Michigan players were arraigned on charges stemming from an assult on another student on St. Patrick's Day. Starting Tight End Carson Butler and reserve DB Christian Richards attacked a 20-year-old Michigan student in an acquaintance's dorm room Saturday. The victim told police his attackers already were in the room when he arrived and that he did not know why they were repeatedly punching him. That's nice, I can see that scene:

Unsuspecting victim: Hey guys, what's up…Ouch Ouch Ouch. STOP HITTING ME!

In addition, MZone is reporting that defensive end Eugene Germany was ticketed for marijuana possession last month - that's the trifecta.

Gaydar defined
EDSBS recently had a post asking for nominations for their Punchout 64 – an alternative to March Madness in which the "only criteria for an entrant would be a deep, unabiding yen to punch the person in the face repeatedly." The usual funny stuff from Orson and the gang but, like often, the nominations in the comments were great – there's some serious hate there. Now of course JoePa made it a couple times and I'm fine with that, some hate Papa Joe but I took SERIOUS exception to one really amazing nomination from reader sandman227:

Sandra Lee: You just know she's such a whore
Giada De Laurentis: Besides the fact that she can't actually cook (just reads the script), whoever produces her show seems to think that we'll be mesmerized by close-ups of Giada chopping carrots, zooming in on boiling water, and soft framing flour dust rising in the air. Unwatchable

Alton brown, however, is the man….

Note to men everywhere: if you are tuning into Everyday Italian to actually watch cooking AND the first thought that comes to mind when you see this piece of Italian cheesecake is the urge to punch, congratulations: you are officially gay. You are steeped in gayness. Notice sandman227 also hates Sandra Lee, who looks like she's trying to smuggle two watermelons in her shirt but Alton Brown however, "is the man." Indeed – not gay at all.

Somewhere there is food in this picture, but I'll be damned if I can find it.

Wrongfully charged for smuggling many times

Drinkin' and drivin' don't mix, bloggin' however….
Black Shoe Diaries had a busy weekend and well… just take a look for yourself. While there take a look at this, Penn State is going to have a Rap Contest… no seriously… a Rap Contest… in the middle of Pennsylvania. I will have to work on that in the not too distant future but Mike has done a great job so far.

BIG-time update: Rene Portland, women’s basketball coach at Penn State for the past 27 years, has resigned effective immediately (Kudos BSD for getting to it first). Rene has had a lot of success over her career at Penn State but it was time for both parties to go their separate ways. The dark cloud of prejudice was hanging over a program that prides itself on inclusiveness and it was affecting student body support. Good luck to Rene.

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