Friday, March 23, 2007

Wrestlers accused of “Hazing”

Photos of Penn State Wrestlers surfaced Tuesday in an e-mail message to The Daily Collegian from activist Dale Terry, of Decatur, Ga., who found them while searching the popular photo-hosting site They depict men stripped down to jock straps, with 40-oz. beer bottles duct-taped to their hands with the caption "the wrestlers freshman initiation....haha." Terry is anti-hazing activist and labels the activities as such.

Penn State heavyweight wrestler Aaron Anspach said he was aware of the incident, but said the players in the pictures wanted to be involved. Anspach said the incident occurred at least a year ago, when a group of freshman wrestlers got together to be "unionized as a team."

"It wasn't hazing," sophomore wrestler Jason Lapham said. "Hazing is when someone forces you to do something you don't want to do." Lapham said he and two other wrestlers, Dan Vallimont and Mike Ward, did not attend the "theme party," because they did not want to participate in the planned activities, such as wearing jock straps.

Phil Davis said the team's morale is "pretty bad right now." "We didn't quite finish like we wanted to at the national tournament and something from the past came back to haunt us," Davis said. "It's not really a good time."

Head Coach Troy Sunderland and Director of Athletics Tim Curley released statements today. No need to repeat them they are the standard “gathering information,” “we are horrified,” “looking into it,” blah blah blah. If the worst thing they can produce is guys in jock straps with beers taped to their hands, I doubt I would be too worried, but we have to be PC now so I’m shocked and appalled.


BSD said...

I don't know. I have a hard time getting worked up about this. The pictures I saw didn't look that horrible. Just some guys standing around in jocks drinking beer. It's not like they were tied up and a funnel was put in their mouth. The worst that could happen is you drink so much beer you piss in your jock strap. Everyone laughs and you take a shower. Seems like normal college stuff to me, but since the group of kids happen to be on the same athletic team we're supposed to be shocked by this.

I saw this story earlier in the week and thought about posting about it, but I wanted to see if it got some legs first.

BSD said...

BTW, you can see the pictures here. Not sure how long they will be on the front page though.

Galen said...

Thanks for the link BSD, I wasn't going to give it much attention either but since it made the news on TV and Sunderland and Curley released statements I thought I better put it out there.

Run Up The Score! said...

Laaaaaaaaaame. This shouldn't even be a small deal.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know...the "activist" Dale Terry who reported these trolls webshots regularly looking for hazing. He also writes gay erotica (sometimes involving real people's names and sometimes involving underage boys) under the pen names Harry Baals and Zippy Zamboni.

No, I'm not kidding.

Galen said...

Well, that explains why he came across half-naked wrestlers while "searching" Webshots. I guess we know what he was "searching" for.

Anonymous said...

"Activist" Dale Terry also posts on a website called under the name ann.coulter2.

His pro-hazing erotica stories used the names of real people involved in hazing incidents without their permission. The stories, usually about under-aged individuals in erotic hazing and sexual situations caused him to lose all credibility as an "anti-hazing" activist.

Anonymous said...

This "activist" writer certainly knows how to get publicity. A whole bunch of angry teenage girls seem to chase him around the internet, publicizing his writings (and I guess wanting more).

A bunch of the hazers who have been disciplined by their coaches and colleges, and the hazers' buddies, are also chasing him.

His writings are usually three act morality plays, with two acts of sex and hazing, and a final act with resolution often involving suspensions for players and teams, court cases, fired coaches, and financial settlements.

Two websites have prospered with lots of viewers and advertisers based on his investigations and posts.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the encore where he cleans the spooge off his hands.

Hi, Dale.