Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blog Chips

Bobcats lose scholarships due to academics
Montana State's football program will lose three scholarships next season after failing to attain NCAA academic standards. The scholarship penalty was assessed because the Bobcats lagged behind the required standard in the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate. Now I’ve been to Bozeman several times, and although it’s a beautiful place, there really isn’t much to distract a student athlete, what gives? I’m wondering if this isn’t a wake up call to some of the bigger schools to get their act together. Perhaps the NCAA needed to make an example of someone and why not tiny Montana State?

Yeah, it's nice, but pick up a book stupid!

Nutt wants Wood to shift
Arkansas coach Houston Nutt named quarterbacks coach Alex Wood as the new receivers coach for the Razorbacks. Not necessarily earth-shattering news but always good for a phallic title and a prepubescent giggle.

Cincinnati probes sex acts
Speaking of adolescent mischief - the University of Cincinnati is investigating allegations that current football players and recruits engaged in sex acts with a former soccer player during a recruiting visit. The allegations came from an anonymous letter (signed "A Concerned Athletic Department Employee") that was sent to UC president Nancy Zimpher. Somewhere a Colorado booster is smiling.

All together now: GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!


Coach said...

in 2005 Temple lost 9 scholarships due to academics. This was right before Al Golden was hired; sources say that, when he got to campus, he would follow the kids to class to make sure they were attending (very PSU thing).

Mediocrity can be distracting.

Galen said...

I didn't know that about Temple and Golden, Coach. Thanks for the info. You would think that the very least a crappy team could do is pass their classes, but I guess not.

BSD said...

How much do you think I would have to pay rivals to rank me a five star prospect so I can go on some of these recruiting visits?

Galen said...


Just tell the schools your Tom Lemming, I'm sure he gets all the chicks.