Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blue & White Roundtable

It’s Wednesday and that means Blue & White Roundtable day. It must be getting close to March because this week’s questions include a lot of bouncy-ball questions. Run from Run Up The Score has the honors this week. Enjoy.

1. Ed DeChellis' men's basketball team is 1-11 with four conference games remaining. Is there any reason to hope they might get a win before getting flushed out of the Big Ten tournament?

First off, two of those games are on the road so scratch them off; this team forgets how to play basketball outside of the Jordan center. That leaves Iowa and Illinois at home, so yeah… they could possibly… maybe… eek one of those games out if they put together a full game and get some luck, but don’t start holding your breath.

2. Outside of alcohol, what is your must-have tailgate food item?

Hartley's Potato Chips! For those of you that are not from Pennsylvania and have not had the pure pleasure of eating Hartley's Potato Chips, I weep for you. They are a triple bypass in a bag or as I like to call them – salt wafers. I'm positive they put something in them similar to nicotine in cigarettes because they are greasy, salty, savory, and addictive.

That's right, they come in a Muther F'in 2 pound box, baby! Feel your arteries clog.

3. Reports are that redshirt quarterback Brent Brackett has officially been moved to tight end. Is this the beginning of a dedicated 2-TE system for Penn State, similar to what the Colts employ?

I don't think you will see the Colts alignment with an experienced fullback that has played for three years returning and a logjam of wide receivers. I think this is a case of Brackett's size being an asset for him and the coaching staff searching for a big blocking TE for short yardage and goal line situations. I really doubt you will see a 2 TE look from Penn State but then again, I've been wrong about a lot of things Penn State has done in the past.

4. Which Big Ten teams will survive the bubble and work their way into the NCAA tournament?

Purdue is 17-9 and plays Minnesota and Northwestern 2 more times each and once against Iowa, I wouldn't call them on the bubble, but I think they are as much of a can't miss as anyone else in the Big Ten. The rest of the middle of the pack teams seem to play one of the big boys before the Big Ten Tournament, so who knows.

5. The New Rules are here! They obviously listened to my kickoff request. Does this fix everything, or is there still room for improvement?

Well of course the ultimate improvement would be a playoff but since we'll all be long gone before that happens I'll say I'm satisfied things are fixed. There will be more kickoffs meaning more offense and they've cut the "dead" time by limiting the time for timeouts and replays – all good things.

Lightning Round

- Charles Barkley outran 67 year old NBA official Dick Bavetta during All-Star Saturday. If Joe Paterno was 10 years younger, does he beat both of them?

After watching it, I think he could beat both of them now if he didn't have the bum knee.

- Big Ten tournament winner in men's hoops?

The team that beat Penn State – oh wait that was everyone… Wisconsin

- Sneaky pick for a March Madness champion?

Duke – you have to beat them and the refs.

There you have it, leave your thoughts in the comment section below and head on over to Black Shoe Diaries and Run Up The Score to get their sage-like answers.


Coach said...

love Hartleys - but Middleswarth is my all around favorite. Folks out here in south eastern PA have no concept of the Central PA snack aisle.

Galen said...

Middleswarth over Hartley's!?! Sinner.

Actually the Middleswarth weekender BBQ bag is a consumer delight. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Middleswarth kicks Hartley's ass, no contest

Coach said...

Now, in the "dip chip" category, I'm a fan of Gibbles.

I'm so going to have to go stand outside and eat some chips (whether or not the rain stops) - can't wait for Blue White.

Galen said...


Them's fightin' words!!