Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Manningham out; Michigan fans now only predicting 56 point win

Sorry about the lack of posting lately, but projects outside an already beefy work schedule have rendered my free time to sleeping and eating. But things are finally winding down and I can get my life back to something resembling normalcy.

I’m behind the curve here but I can’t help but comment on the Mario Manningham injury. In case you were in a cave the last couple days, Michigan lightning in a bottle wide receiver Mario Manningham suffered a partially torn meniscus and a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament in the Wolverines game with Michigan State Saturday night. So we know for sure he is out for the Penn State game, but how bad is it? Don’t ask Lloyd Carr, Monday he refused to comment on it and this is what he said Tuesday at his weekly Big Ten Teleconference:

“We got great news as far as the injury."

"He'll miss this week, but we're very excited about the news we received."

When will he be back?

"I can't tell you that," Carr said. "The news is great.”

“...we're excited about the news we received."

Reading this I can only imagine one person that could be so standoffish and sugar coat everything to this extent…

Lloyd Carr the Michigan Information Minister “Penn State does not have a team; there is no team from Pennsylvania”
“Lies! Lies, I tell you, Mario Manningham is fine, he will crush all that oppose him, the infidels will tremble at his sight”

As is the case, the Michigan fans are smug in their confidence in their team’s chances, I would take the time to point it out, but Mike from Black Shoe Diaries has already done a great job here.

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