Sunday, October 08, 2006

Game of the Week: Sunday update

ESPN’s experts continue to ruin our fun as Lee Corso agreed with Brandi and Hamerin’ Hank refused to choose the game we took at the beginning of the week. We always try to pick the best (read toughest) game in both college and Pro’s but twice Hank hasn’t chosen the game we have. This leads me to only one conclusion: he won’t touch the tough games and instead picks the low hanging fruit because his record has been so horrible the past couple years. A look at his record this year confirms that, as he has a winning record, probably for the first time ever. At any rate, we used his pick of the Steelers game for his game of the week because it had the smallest line.

Brandi and Lee notched one in the win column but our readers took it on the chin. In the Pro’s you chose to agree with our NFL expert Aikman as he took Denver. We’ll hold Hank responsible for the Steelers +3 and call that his pick.

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