Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Week 2 Game Of The Week

With The Nittany Line's first successful game of the week in the books, we now look ahead to week 2. This week TNL has chosen the Texas vs. Ohio State game as the game of the week. Now that Brandi the wonder dog has proven doubters wrong, she looks ahead to the task of staying undefeated. Apparently she knows the importance of such a task because she took quite a long look at this week's match-up before making a choice. Like Nostradamus himself, it took her much meditation and soul searching before coming to a conclusion and choosing...

Ohio State
She hit her target with the precision of a hungry Cheetah taking down a Gazelle in the Serengeti (hence the blurred picture, that or I was too drunk to handle a digital camera). This wouldn’t be my choice for the week, but who am I to argue with success. Speaking of which, you the reader are apparently well informed as well, as you look to keep your undefeated streak alive. You can choose the Game of the Week winner for this week by clicking on your choice on the sidebar to the right. This week we will be adding an NFL game as well. Good luck to all.


Cool Hand Mike said...


I'm heading to the bookie right now.

Mike said...

I have to go with Brandi on this one. Rookie quarterback and now they lost their starting corner. Texas is in trouble. If we beat ND and they beat Texas, do you think there will be a little hype going into Columbus?