Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Florida State beats Miami makes us look like geniuses

It’s the little things in life that make it all worthwhile. When Lee Corso put the Sebastian head on right before kickoff of the Florida State – Miami game, I knew the game was going to be special. It didn’t look good for our expert at first as Miami pulled ahead in the second quarter scoring all of their points to take a 10 – 3 lead, but Florida State came back and scored 10 of their own in the second half and shut Miami out the rest of the way to seal the win for our expert and make Corso look like and ass once again. Congratulations to our readers as well for picking the winner.

Stay tuned, Brandi has already made her pick for this week’s game of the week: Ohio State at Texas. Also, our NFL expert Aikman will be making his pick this week as the NFL kicks off week 1.


Mike said...

Can we get a picture of Brandi wearing a mascot head like Corso does?

Galen said...

If I had the mascot heads you know I would do it. She's about as big a ham as Corso is.