Sunday, September 17, 2006

Game Of The Week: Sunday morning update

This week's game of the week is over for college as Auburn held on to beat LSU 7 - 3 validating Brandi's title of wonder dog and Lee Corso's reputation of ineptitude. Corso went against Brandi's pick for the third week in a row and is wrong for the third time going 0-3 overall. When we started this little experiment, we never thought in our wildest dreams that the football Gods would smile on us with such great luck. It's making us look like evil Geniuses.

hmm... it says here Corso picked LSU... muhahahahahahahh!
Brandi's prognostication skills have proven so spot-on that we are contemplating a premium section to the The Nittany Line where you have to pay to get her "inside info" like or any other worthless recruiting service, but we could never do that to our loyal readers. Speaking of which, for the first time our readers went away from our expert and took LSU by a slim margin of 55% for your first loss. Not to worry, you're still way ahead of Lee. In the NFL matchup of Washington at Dallas, our expert Aikman has chosen Washington, while Hank Goldberg has chosen Dallas. 67% of you agree with our NFL expert and chose Washington (+6).

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Cool Hand Mike said...

All right. Your dog is smart.

You happy! There I said it!