Friday, August 18, 2006

Weekend roundup

First off, I would like to welcome a new member to the great Blogosphere: Pfef's Sports Blog. An Ohio State blog authored by high school junior Ryan Pfefferle. After reading his blog I couldn’t help but think, why wasn’t I that sentient in high school? Makes me feel like a real tard. Anyway, his name is pronounced “Peff” in case you were pronouncing it wrong in your head like I was. Welcome Pfef.

There will be light blogging this weekend and next because the following two Saturdays start a wonderful time of year: Fantasy Football. I must now retreat to a secluded Pennsylvania mountain location and become one with nature, using mystical Asian relaxation techniques to clear my mind and body for the upcoming drafts.

Me, clearing my mind and preparing for draft day. Do NOT mess with me lest I give you the Iron Finger!

As Fantasy Commissioner (for both freakin’ leagues), I must show my superior ability to separate NFL talent while amassing a far greater team then my opponents, all while dealing with league issues and financial deviants in an prompt and even-handed manner.

You have owed me free agent money for the last time SDIAB, TASTE THE SWIFT VENGENCE OF THE EAGLE CLAW!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Cool Hand Mike said...

Take a running back with your first 2 picks, grasshopper.

Galen said...

ahhh, yes the running back, you know the ways of Fantasy football. But I come prepaired, for I have two keeper running backs, swift as the northern wind.