Friday, August 18, 2006

Clarett part of Israeli crime ring

Further proof that my Columbus A-Team is closer to fruition, ESPN is reporting that Maurice Clarett was bankrolled by an alleged member of an Israeli crime organization. SMQ may think this is NOT FUNNY, but we think it is hilarious. Apparently Clarett befriended rapper Hai Waknine, a convicted felon who prosecutors believe is a member of an Israeli crime organization called The Jerusalem Group. Waknine provided Clarett with cash, a BMW, bodyguards, drivers and beachfront lodging in Malibu, with the understanding that he would be reimbursed and receive 60 percent of Clarett's rookie contract. (oops)

After Clarett was arrested last week, allegedly wearing a bulletproof vest and possessing four guns and a hatchet, Clarett's attorneys received an anonymous phone call alerting them to Clarett's ties to Waknine.

"When I worked with Maurice, he had Hai and a very high-profile lawyer," said Charles Poliquin, who trained Clarett in November and December 2004 in Phoenix. "There are not a lot of guys that want to play pro football who have a team of lawyers and money men backing them up, and, for sure, they had his best interests at heart. But he was living too nice a life. Too nice. He was living in Malibu. Right on the beach. I've been to the house. [Waknine] owned like 10 cars and said, 'Pick whatever car you want.”

If you have a problem, if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire... the Columbus A-Team!


JB said...

Clarett is such a joke. Is there any wonder he was a bucknut?

Galen said...

yes he is but man does he give us bloggers something to pass the time with!

Mike said...

The Jewish mafia? Oy vey!