Saturday, August 19, 2006

AP poll revealed

The associated ding-dongs have added their two cents as the AP poll was announced today, here are the numbers:

Week 1 AP Top 25
1. Ohio State (35)
2. Notre Dame (10)
3. Texas (8)
4. Auburn (3)
5. West Virginia (6)
6. USC (3)
7. Florida
8. LSU
9. California
10. Oklahoma
11. Florida State
12. Miami (FL)
13. Louisville
14. Michigan
15. Georgia
16. Iowa
17. Virginia Tech
18. Clemson
19. Penn State
20. Nebraska
21. Oregon
22. TCU
23. Tennessee
24. Arizona State
25. Texas Tech

The press and the coaches don’t get along very well; perhaps they need a time out. I have to give the AP credit; at least they can come up with a unique #3, unlike the coaches. The press love Ohio State and Notre Dame, and are big on Auburn and West Virginia, where the coaches seem to have a shining for Texas. The chuckler for the day is USC at #6 behind the likes of Auburn and West Virginia. Oh, how fickle the AP writers are… love fest one year, forgotten the next. Who will the writers be whoring themselves out to this year? Will it be Ohio State? I’m going all-in on Notre Dame, the press have always loved them. Can we chuck this crap out and just solve it on the field now? You know, like everyone else does?

OSU and Notre Dame #1 and #2? Here's my surprised look.

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