Thursday, August 03, 2006

Paterno’s doghouse just got a bit bigger

It appears Tony Hunt and BranDon Snow are gunning to become residents of Paterno’s fabled doghouse before the season starts. Tony has let his grades slip a bit last semester says Paterno and the old man is on his back. “I’m worried that he isn’t a 3.0 student instead of being a 2.2 or whatever he is,” Paterno said, “He’s OK, but he started out being a good student. I thought he’d be a kid who would go to graduate school and the whole bit. But he’s slipped a little bit. That’s why I’m on his back.”

Also incurring Paterno’s wrath was senior fullback BranDon Snow after an unspecified disciplinary lapse which might make him miss playing time.
“We’re going to play that by ear,” Paterno said. “I’ve challenged him with a couple of things, and we’ll see what happens. He’s certainly in our plans for the season, but how much he’s going to play early, we’ll find out.”
Paterno also suggested that Austin Scott will be ready for the season and probably won’t redshirt.

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