Wednesday, August 02, 2006

*FLASH* Preseason Poll Update

That loud *thud* you heard today was the sound of Oklahoma falling out of contention thanks to Quarterback Rhett Bomar:

Consensus Poll (yesterday’s rank)
1. Ohio State (#1)
2. Texas (#2)
3. Notre Dame (#3)
4. West Virginia (#4)
5. USC (#6)
6. Auburn (#7)
7. LSU (#8)
8. Florida (#9)
9. Florida State (#10)
10. Louisville (#11)
11. California (#12)
12. Michigan (#13)
13. Miami (Fla.) (#14)
14. Georgia (#15)
15. Iowa (#16)
16. Virginia Tech (#17)
17. Clemson (#18)
18. Nebraska (#19)
19. Penn State (#20)
20. Oregon (#21)
Dropping out… Oklahoma (#5) reports that Bomar and guard J.D. Quinn were dismissed from the team today after an internal investigation. Bomar was claiming a 40-hour work week at a Norman, Okla., auto dealership, when he only worked 5 hours. He made up to $18,000 for his 5 hours on the job. For the math impaired that’s, $3600.00 per hour. What kind of dealership would pay such a premium for ineptitude?
The dealership is part of the Sooner Schooner Car Program, which supplies vehicles to coaches and athletic department officials.
The Sooner Schooner Car lot– come in between 1pm and 2pm five days a week and get your picture taken with Rhett Bomar!

Another “customer” of the dealership was Adrian Peterson, who purchased a vehicle from the dealership, without paying, drove it for several weeks and then returned the car. It’s ok though: Oklahoma investigated and cleared Peterson because, and I quote, “the dealership said it was normal business practice.” Yes, I often get dealers to lend me cars for weeks on end without any cash.

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