Monday, August 21, 2006

NCAA Gestapo after Notre Dame

Notre Dame may have broken NCAA rules when student athletes made comments promoting a local sports talk show. The adds, by unnamed football and basketball players, were promoting "Sports Dogz" a local program on South Bend CBS affiliate WSBT-TV. Coach Jesus Weis doesn’t believe there is a problem because the players in question were promoting the show within the show’s timeslot and not an outside program. "This is something run during the show, so it's a totally different," he said. Again, what master’s degree must you have to fully understand the rules? Penn State fans were reminded of the NCAA’s nuttiness earlier this year when students were told that holding up signs for potential football recruits during basketball games were, in fact, violating rules. I fully understand that policing all of intercollegiate athletics is a daunting task, but does it really need to be bogged down by petty infractions such as this?


JB said...

these kind of violations bother me. When the investigators know exactly what the facts are and still have to "determine whether a violation occurred" you know it is meaningless. If the NCAA can't immediately tell if it was an infraction how can you expect college kids to?

Galen said...

Bingo! I mean give me a break, how much investigation is needed? The kids said something, is wrong or isn't it? Let the school know give them a stern look and let's get on with it.