Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Make it Stop

I managed to sit in a bar for the start of the New England 300 and listen to the Jeff Gordon fans justify his win last week. Blah, blah, blah, who cares? One topic that caught my attention was how many people hate the commercial for Ford featuring this year's American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks. What a kick in the pants, you get 20% of the American population saying you are their Idol and you get a 30 second commercial contract out of the deal. Granted this guy has one of the most unique voices since Joe Cocker and dances like a catfish nailed to a board but why, oh why, did he agree to do this commercial? It seems I cannot turn a program on without seeing this most annoying commercial. The Ford promotion ends on July 31 so until then we have to be ready on the mute or last channel buttons.

Unreal is the best way to describe the news that a new sports movie is coming out called Rocky 6. Rocky is arguably the best sports story of all time, at least the original Rocky was, but Stallone is too old to go back in the ring. (Sorry Notre Dame fans but Rudy doesn't make the cut even though ND was playing PSU in the movie.) The only thing worse than Rocky 6 is the thought of Rambo 4. Much to my dismay John Rambo will be back taking the law into his own hands to save his kidnapped daughter. I think a certain California Governor already made this movie and Commando wasn't exactly a box office hit.

It came to my attention that the Baltimore Orioles had what could be referred to as a bobble head debacle. Many players complain that bobble head dolls don't depict them accurately but second baseman Brian Roberts really has a valid complaint. Apparently a recent shipment of Brian Roberts bobble heads depicted the Caucasian player with dark skin after a prototype was considered too light. Orioles spokesman Bill Stetka said. "I didn't actually see it. I've heard various versions that it was very dark and bluish." Bluish? Stetka said he didn't believe the manufacturer had confused Roberts with the dark-skinned Mora. I am sure Mora is happy to know that the team sees him as Smurf-like.

Since my fellow bloggster, Galen, took a shot at my dog Aikman, I must point out a recent post Galen had titled "Bonds to be indicted?" Does anyone else think the guy in the picture looks like LL Cool J?


PSU 2nd favorite team said...

Right on with the Ford commercials. The catfish analogy is on the mark. I really do change the channel for 30 seconds when I see that crap come on. Not only does he suck ass at "dancing", the words to the ditty he sings make the writers for Disney songs look like Bono.
By the way, PSU might "LOSE" to ND but it's fairly reasonable to conclude that they can't or won't "LOOSE" to ND. Just a friendly and respectful heads up.

Galen said...

psu 2nd fav...
Thank you, wish I could figure out this English language thing. Tip of the hat to ya.