Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blind suing the blind

James Filson worked as a Big Ten official for 13 years… and I’m not making this up…5 of which with one eye. Upon finding this out, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney terminated Filson because he did not have a 'full field of vision.' Stop snickering!! It gets better. Outing our cycloptic friend was none other then… you guessed it… the University of Michigan head football coach, Lloyd Carr. Something a tad ironic here that I just can’t put my finger on. But here’s the real pants wetter: Filson never informed anyone and yet, reviews of his work were, "on average, substantially better than the reviews he received in the eight years preceding the loss of his eye." For those counting at home, that includes 2 bowl games. He was axed because he wasn’t meeting the expectations of the Big Ten Conference…
Gratuitous joke in:

Ref: Don't worry coach, you have plenty of time...
Michigan Reporter: ahhh... coach, I think he's got a problem.
Coach Carr: yeeeaaahhh... let's report this AFTER the game.

My apologies to our Michigan fans, I couldn't let that fat one sit over the plate.

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