Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lunchtime Ramblings

Editor’s Note: This is the first of many articles aimed at blowing off some steam and satisfying the negative beast within. Purely a self indulgence loudmouth making myself feel better.

I came across this fine piece of journalistic magnificence the other day. It’s an article written in the CDT (State College Paper) about the amazing relevance of the Notre Dame Bandwagoneers and Penn State’s unabashed jealousy of said importance. Excuse me while I throw up… a couple times. A quick look brings me to this little nugget:

Notre Dame has what Penn State wants -- the status that goes with the most storied tradition in the history of the game. Notre Dame resents Penn State's relatively late ascension to the upper echelon of college football.
Late ascension?? What decade are we in? Well the answer comes next:

There is no more perfect example of that than what happened when the Nittany Lions went to Notre Dame in 1982, their first trip to South Bend since 1926.
Ahh, now I see: the best way to support your argument is to bring up examples from 1982, right before two PSU national titles and the previous year when PSU beat ND at State college. Furthermore, PSU went on to post a record of 8-4 against ND from that point forward, but why bring meaningless stats into it. The real buster is this, I have my cock proudly hanging out of my pants walking through a crowded shopping mall, statement.

Penn State and Notre Dame will resume their football relations in South Bend…And you'd be hard-pressed to name a more anticipated, more hyped regular-season game in Penn State's history.

How about… oh Penn State – Ohio State of last freekin’ year? You know… ESPN's Cold Pizza, Gameday, 8:00 start…. Hell I would argue the Michigan State game was not more hyped, but more anticipated simply because the Big Ten Championship was on the line. Failing that, I would certainly imaging the Nebraska-PSU game in 2002 was more hyped because of the whole unfinished business from ’94. Even if you disagree with all of this one can not argue that PSU’s two championship games in the 80’s were WAY more important/hyped/anticipated. It’s statements like this that remind me why I cancelled my Centre Daily Times subscription when my puppy was potty trained and my parakeet died.

Editor's Note Part deux: I just realized that I used examples from the post season and his statement said "regular-season" so I cheerfully retract that part, but as for the rest- he can suck on it!


dickhead domers said...

I hope you guys bitch slap those cock gobblers. The Weis bandwagon is getting annoying. He played an off-year UM team, a USC team that wasn't nearly as good as advertised (kind of like ND, weird!), had a mediocre-at-best MSU team ass pound them, and got flogged by an offensively challenged OSU team.
Most storied program my ass! UM, anyone? How about 'Bama or Oklahoma?
Fuck ND! Fuck Weis!

Anonymous said...

D Head domer - Why do you care? This is a prime example of the haters coming out of the closet for their moment in the sun to bash ND. I am not an ND fan, but if ND really didn't do much last year, don't worry 2006 will prove you right. Or will it?

Cool Hand Mike said...

Penn State has nothing to prove to me(Bama fan)or ANYONE else. When State beat Miami in 86(maybe 87),they solidified the greatness of not only the coach but the whole damn program. Miami got of the plane in camo and said it was gonna be a war. Penn State quietly went out there and ran their asses flat over.

Like my man Chuck D said,"Don't believe the hype".

Galen said...

I fully understand D Head domer's anger, although I don't know if I share his assertivness.

Cool Hand Mike, I think you got the point of my ramblings, teams like PSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, etc. have nothing to prove. Most people don't really hate Notre Dame itself, most people hate worthless hacks in the media tealling us how great Notre Dame is, and there are a lot of them. I actually like Weis, so far it seems he runs a tight ship, which isn't a bad thing.

Cool Hand Mike said...

It goes deeper than you can ever imagine. It only starts with the media. If ND ever goes undefeated again, every Catholic from the Pope to the Kennedys will be in green. We're talking about "Vatican City West".

Paragon SC said...

..."an SC team that was less than advertised"? I guess I missed something in your post.

Yeah the defense was less than stellar, Weis had them up for the game and SC didn't play a great game. But they won, So I guess you're right less than advertised.

Great site by the way!