Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Programmers Note-Upcoming event: The Dogs vs. The Experts

It has become apparent that the great Blogosphere carries the same budding, festering, loathing that we carry for “The worldwide leader in sports”. With that in mind I bring you the announcement of the TNL Dog vs. Expert challenge. Coming this fall TNL will pit two of ESPN’s football “experts” against their intellectual equals: our dogs. Each week we will pick the game of the week in college and in the pros and pit our dog’s prognostication ability against the experts. Let’s meet the contestants: *cue Gladiator music*

Lee has been at ESPN for 19 years, Brandi has been potty trained for 7; 3 more then Lee. Advantage: Brandi
Side Note: I'll e-mail a copy of a 5 dollar bill to the first person that can find the Penn State flag in the picture above (subtlety is our specialty here at TNL)

Matchup #2


  Hank Goldberg                      Aikman

Now I already know your first series of questions: yes, with a name like Aikman you know SDIAB is a Cowboys fan and that being said, I to am concerned about the mysterious powder on Aikman's nose. SDIAB assures us that it is completely legit. Not to worry we here at TNL believe in fair competition and will be randomly doggy testing for performance enhancing drugs. As for Hammerin' Hank the only thing that could improve his performance is a coin to flip.

The Experts will pick the games every week as usual, and we will pick the juiciest/biggest game of the lot. Two identical doggy treats will be laid in front of our contestants (the dogs, not the analysts) , each one representing one of the teams, and the one eaten first will be the dog's choice for the week.

But it doesn't end there, we want you to join in on the fun, see how good you are! Each week we will have our readers vote on their choice for the match-up. Majority rules here: the team with the most votes will be the readers choice.

Until then, keep checking back for more info!


Cool Hand Mike said...

I got 50 on the dog.

Galen said...


Which dog?? Oh right, it doesn't matter, my bad!