Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Indianapolis Nittany Lions

It appears that the Penn State coaches are at it again. One year after molding Robinson into a poor man’s Vince Young, PSU is trying to create a poor man’s Peyton Manning. Not a bad idea…

…this past February, Hall met with Indianapolis quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell to discuss how the Colts use the shotgun to take advantage of Peyton Manning's talent and--to a lesser extent--how it works despite Manning's lack of mobility. First-year starter Anthony Morelli is a strong-armed pocket passer, and the coaches are emphasizing sliding, moving and buying protection time in the pocket.
Granted… Morelli is not Manning and Hunt is not James, but the parallels are there. As the article states: Morelli has a strong arm and limited mobility so Manning is a great mold. In that same light, Hunt can pass protect well, is great at catching the ball out of the backfield (leading receiver in ‘04), and is, of course a strong runner (1000+ yards in ‘05). It’s a good template. If Galen Hall can make one more offense successful, maybe he will finally get the recognition he deserves, and people will stop asking where I got my name.

Looks good to me.


Cool Hand Mike said...

It will take a year to put that system in. Either it clicks from the get go or it'll be a long year

Galen said...

I would completely agree if PSU was just starting to use the spread, but they made that leap a year ago with success. I doubt they are going to make radical changes, just tweak what they already have in place. Robinson was used a lot on draws last year that I would imagine will now go to Tony Hunt. I doubt you will see the “sprint” draw that Indy uses simply because Hunt doesn’t have that kind of speed. You might be right though, it may just blow up in there face, I hope not.