Monday, July 17, 2006

Bonds to be indicted?

It appears that the government is just about ready to indict Barry Bonds on tax evasion and perjury. Apparently, Bonds didn’t claim the cash he allegedly gave former girlfriend Kimberly Bell to buy a house. The money allegedly came from sales of Bonds' signatures on baseball memorabilia. Wonder if ESPN will run a Bonds reality show from his cellblock?

Now you’ll seldom find me defending Barry Bonds, but this time I wonder about the legitimacy of this. I think he did lie to a grand jury about his steroid use, and I think the powers that be want to stick him for that but they don’t have enough to go on, so voilà… tax evasion.

ESPN presents: Bond on Bonds from Cellblock D.


Cool Hand Mike said...

He'll definitely be the most beautiful person on that cellblock.

Peter said...

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