Monday, October 26, 2009

Pardon the disruption

This is one of those weeks that real life is dropping the hammer on me so I promise nothing this week I'm crazy busy. Suffice it to say Penn State played the best game of the year (for the second week in a row). After a shaky start allowing Michigan to march right down the field (and causing me great anguish… with swearing) they turned things on and dominated from there. The only complaint I have is the incredibly stupid coaching right before half. Penn State gets the ball back with enough time to drive the length of the field, Daryll Clark is in total destruction mode and the coaches pucker up and run the ball. Sorry, when your QB is lighting things up you have to take an aggressive attitude.

Other than that, no worries mate. Penn State is playing lights out right now and they probably can cruise until OSU in a couple weeks. Oh, one more thing, can we finally put all the "Michigan has our number" BS behind us now? Two dominating wins, one at home and one on the road, should be enough to quiet any critics. Now if we can just do something about Iowa.


M1EK said...

I somehow failed to correctly start recording and when I got home from a kid event, it was halfway through the 2nd quarter and I done missed everything before that. Kickass, as far as I know, Michigan never did anything!

Galen said...

WTF dude?! Nothing bad to say? You're starting to worry me.

M1EK said...

Don't make the typical BSD homer mistake of equating realism with pessimism.