Thursday, September 24, 2009

So much for the passing game

I've always said that looking at the weather more than three days out is a total waste of time, meteorologists have a tough time getting tomorrow right let alone a week from now. They can, however, give us a good idea of what to expect in three days or less so with that in mind here's the forecast for the hours leading up to the game Saturday night.

Let's just say 'not good'. Its one thing if it rains during the game, teams can manage that but when the ground is already inundated and it's also raining, well that spells disaster for teams that like to pass a lot. So yeah, all that stuff I said earlier about the game: forgetabouit.


M1EK said...

Actually I always heard this helps the passing game (as long as the QB can get the ball to them given how soaked it is) - the receiver knows where they're going; the defender has to react more quickly - is thus more likely to slip than is the WR.

Galen said...

True but passing (and catching) the ball becomes more and more difficult as the balls become rain-soaked, and if you read the article a week or so ago, PSU uses special balls in the rain that have a coating on them to help keep them from getting water logged and they mentioned in the article that Clark doesn’t like those balls.