Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Chips: the time to panic edition

Time to raise the Panic Level

Sean Lee is "very doubtful" for Penn State but Bowman will play said Joe Paterno in his weekly radio address. Well we all kinda knew that and we're all prepared for it so it's not so bad I think everything will be fi*HOLY SHITBALLS!!!*
New to the injury report is sophomore Nathan Stupar, who had been illing in admirably for Bowman. Paterno said Stupar may not be available Saturday after spraining an ankle this week.
With news like that it's time to dust off the TNL Fan Advisory System.

As always…brought to you by the Department of Nittany Lion Homeland Security

Down one captian of the defense and the best backup… we are definitely raising the level two notches to ELEVATED.

Speaking of overreactions

With all the terrorist plots popping up in the news lately schools across the country have been adding extra measures to help protect you the fan. Make sure you give yourself extra time if you are going into the game because they will be checking bags a lot more thorough from now on.

The university says the most visible change will be at the gates, where inspections of bags will be more thorough….fans should give themselves an extra 30 minutes to get to their seats for games.

Before you start grumbling to yourself ladies, just remember you could be Michigan fans.

Michigan is banning purses and all other bags from Michigan Stadium for security reasons

Iowa has injury problems too

Penn State loses a couple important cogs in their lineup but Iowa will play without their brick wall at left tackle.

OL Bryan Bulaga (undisclosed illness) is out. TE Tony Moeaki (ankle) and WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos (hamstring) have a chance to play Saturday night at No. 5 Penn State.

Man that is some bad Herpes he caught, don't they teach them safe sex at Iowa? I think this might change things a little bit for Iowa, they can't leave the backup lineman on an island like they could with Bulaga. Penn State's pass rush just got a boost.

Redemption time?

Daryll Clark kinda sorta remembers last year's Iowa game.

"There's nothing that anyone can say to me to make me believe that it wasn't my fault. Period," Clark, now a senior, said Wednesday. "I feel like I owe our football team a lot given the fact of what happened last season."

But it was just one interception (albeit a backbreaking one that sailed over the head of a wide open wide receiver *cough*) but that's it right Daryll?

"It wasn't just the interception; it was plays that went along the entire game," he said. "I wasn't very accurate. There were plays to be made that I just did not make. Obviously, the interception was one of the biggest ones because it was in a crucial situation. But it's not the only one.

No worries I would be really surprised if Clark goes 9 for 23 this year.

Coach Kirk Ferentz: Evil Genius

I guess it's an honor to play in front of a whiteout now.

SO THIS IS what happens when you beat a team six times in seven tries, including a heartbreaker last season that prevented the losers from playing for the national championship.

In effect, you get promoted to arch-villain status.

"I have never been there for a 'whiteout,' " Ferentz said. "I've been there for day games, and it's a great atmosphere. It's really unique . . . one of the great environments in America.

Kirk Ferentz: the Lex Luthor of the Big Ten.

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