Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WR James McDonald kicked off the team

No big surprise considering his recent DUI arrest but wide receiver James McDonald was shown the door yesterday.

The athletic department released a short statement Tuesday afternoon on McDonald, a reserve wideout who has seven receptions for 90 yards in his career.

"James McDonald, a reserve wide receiver and recent graduate of Penn State's College of Communications, will not be invited back for his fifth season on the football team."

James was stopped for an expired registration and well I can guess how the rest of the story goes… have you been drinking… please step out of the car and do three back flips while holding this gallon jug of milk and reciting the Declaration of Independence backwards. What, you screwed up please blow into this sir.

I feel bad for McDonald because the .08 to .10 range of BAC means he roughly had two 16oz. beers for a man his size and I'd be willing to bet at that level James would have better reactions and drive better than every legally licensed Pennsylvania driver over the age of 70 but I don't make up the laws. Not to mention James has long been the senior denizen of Joe's doghouse so yeah he's gone.

Oh and by the way Adam Rittenberg….

The dismissal isn't a huge surprise, especially considering McDonald's prior suspension. Then again, other Penn State players have done worse things and remained on the team.

Keep the fucking personal commentary to yourself when reporting the facts. If you want to write an opinion article about this subject do so on your blog, I don't want veiled personal attacks when reading the news. Not cool.


jd said...

adam rittenburg can suck a bag of dicks.

that's just poor journalism to inflect your own personal biases into reporting. save that for cnn, msnbc, and foxnews, jackass.

Galen said...

I usually don't mind Rittenburg but I can't stand passing shots clearly aimed at Paterno like that.