Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Chips pledges to make fun of Michigan

Penn State Undefeated
At least that's what Dave Curtis, he of the Sporting News College football fame, wants you to believe.
Daryll Clark and Evan Royster bring stability to the backfield, and strong recruiting over the last few years will dull the loss of three offensive linemen to the NFL. Need a group to reconstruct a defense? Having Tom Bradley and Larry Johnson in charge seems like a great start. And then there's the schedule, which includes four nonconference gimmies among eight home games, seven of which will have PSU as a double-digit favorite. Penn State's playing in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day again this season.
So pretty much like everyone else has predicted: Penn State has holes to fill but with their creampuff schedule only need to get by a few teams to make it back to the Rose Bowl. I can't say that I disagree per se, but I still can't fight off that nagging feeling that, even if the line comes together and the secondary is somewhere on the serviceable side, Penn State will lose 1 or 2 games probably to someone they should beat. Actually Curtis' article is more of a BCS hatin' perfect storm of undefeated teams. He lists six teams that are "most likely" to go undefeated (read: I hope they all do so it really screws the system). As a card-carrying BCS hater, I like his style although I simply can't root for Notre Dame to go undefeated. The other four are Florida, Oklahoma, Boise State, and Georgia Tech. All distinct possibilities but, as I've said before, there's no way in hell Notre Dame beats USC (really the only threat with a pulse on their schedule).

Because you will watch like the drooling dogs you are
The Big Ten Network and ESPNews have teamed up to bring you all the coverage of the 2009 Big Ten media days from Chicago on Monday.

Coach Joe Paterno and seniors Daryll Clark, Sean Lee and Jared Odrick will represent Penn State at the event as the Big Ten prepares for its 114th season of football competition.

The network will carry Paterno's news conference at 1:45 p.m. and, its coverage on Monday concludes with [Big Ten commissioner James E.] Delany's news conference at 2:30 p.m.

So set your DVR's for the wise wisdom of our glorious Nittany Lion leader and then stay tuned for the pompous arrogance that only Jimmy Delany can pontificate.

I Pledge to never wear a shirt that has a pledge on it
If making fun of Michigan football seems to be getting more and more difficult, fear not the Michigan Athletic Department will do the job for us. Take a gander at the 2009 student T-shirt design.

Ok, just totally skip by the "All in for Michigan" slogan that sounds like something you are more likely to hear at a Friday night poker game, and go straight to the slogan. Allow me to transpose it for you because it's difficult to read.

I pledge to make my way to the Big House every football Saturday to cheer on my maize and blue as they take the field in the name of Michigan. I will join the chorus of Wolverine faithful as they hail the victors. I promise to give everything I have to the Maize and Blue and I will dig deep for something extra when the team needs me most. I will bring it all for four quarters and I won't stop until the clock reads all zeros. I will do all of this because I am… all in for Michigan.

Yes that's the slogan the Athletic dept. wants its students to adhere to. It's so damn long it's barely legible in the space provided by the back of the shirt and talk about specific, was it really necessary to be that precise? Actually that isn't the full pledge they just ran out of space for the rest of it.


formerlyanonymous said...

You must not have visited Michigan Stadium recently. While the student section is the bright spot when it comes to noise louder than a cricket chirp (the alumni sections compare to a golf crowd complete with "shhh"'s and "hey down in front, sit down, I'm trying to watch a football game here"), large portions of the student section values the "pre-gaming" portion more than the game. For that matter, several of them enjoy leaving early. While that 25% or so is very much a minority, it still gives the whole section a bad name.

jd said...

as much as i dislike boise state (old war story), i have to root for them and other non-bcs conference schools. they are the ones that can stick it to the horrible bcs system.

interesting article. as for notre dame, it just sounds like he is talking himself into believing that they can go undefeated. "genius scheduling"? hardly. more like realistic scheduling to get them in a bowl game.

pledges like the one shown would seem like inherent behavior to most fans, but there are those in every student fanbase who do not represent their university in the best fashion. personally, i would just go for a large sign above the student gates as a reminder.

next thing you know, michigan admins. will have its students wear pieces of flair. and we all know what comes next.....midnight rallies and book burnings.

Galen said...

Don't think I won't keep that pledge in my back pocket if things go bad for Michigan this season. Now if they have a good season they would spoil all my fun... so yeah... probably going to be all right for the Wolverines

Host Pay Per Head said...

I think that it is a good decision that Michigan is doing and I hope that they can get through with those two new addition.