Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Penn State + Korn + Grange Fairgrounds = Rivalry Nights?

On Sept. 25th, the Friday before the Penn State – Iowa game, the Grange Fairgrounds in Centre Hall will be the sight of Rivalry Nights. What is Rivalry Nights? Founder Cary Floyd describes it as the "ultimate pre-game tailgate party." The band Korn (really!?! Korn is playing at the Grange?!?!) will be the night's "world-class music" as the website describes and tickets can be purchased for 30 bucks. You need more hype to get you there? Oh fear not slobbering masses, I've got just the thing:

The Web site depicts a 17-acre venue sectioned off for a concert, punt, pass and kick competition, beer and barbecue, wrestling and fighting, basketball, car show, pep rallies for both teams and touch football with Rivalry Girls, among other things. ESPN Radio will broadcast from the venue, according to online material.

You had me at "beer" but if this is what passes for a player in "touch" football sign me up.

God I hope it's two-hand touch!