Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disposable income purge: Beaver Stadium Fathead

It's been a while since we've introduced anything new here at TNL after all it's been a long offseason. It's been a quiet one mind you, but a long one nonetheless. So with that in mind we would like to introduce a new feature of TNL: the Disposable Income Purge or DIP for short. We peruse the intertubes for only the finest (and costly) products associated with our beloved Lions and bring them to you so you too can be a DIP. Above all else we emphasis quality so that we can feel good about our DIP's. This week's feature item for a DIP is the Beaver Stadium Fathead.

Fathead Wall Graphics has announced its new line-up of products for this fall and it includes three college football stadiums. Ohio State's "The Horseshoe," Notre Dame Stadium, and Beaver Stadium are the only college stadiums to make the cut.

The Fathead of the Beav measures 8 feet wide by 4 feet high and runs you a whopping 100 bucks more than your average Fathead at a wallet cleansing $200 total. But it is quite cool.

Not everyone thinks it's as awesome as we do but then again the alternative is rather creepy.

Matt Green (freshman-pro golf management) said he would definitely put up the cash for a Fathead, but not one that depicts architecture.

"If you show me a Daryll Clark Fathead, I'd give you a heck of a lot more money," he said. "I'll see Beaver Stadium every Saturday. I'd kind of like to say hello to Mr. Clark every morning."

Right on, not creepy in any sort of way.

So yeah, like go out now, oh hordes of cash carrying enthusiasts, and get your Beaver Stadium Fathead today. Your significant other will surely thank you for being such a great DIP.


JeremyInDC said...

Can anyone determine what game the picture is from? From the red in the one corner, I am assuming an OSU game.
The #2 jersey in the forefront makes me think that it is a recent picture, but I could be wrong.

jd said...

i don't know. i can't tell if the fans are caught doing the "wave" or someone just scored.

i hate the wave.

jd said...

J in DC:

i think it looks like the OreSU game.

Galen said...

Yeah, I agree with jd it looks like Oregon State. The opposing fans are wearing orange and there's a lot of them so it's not one of the many fishes Penn State has played in recent years it looks like a legit team.

Galen said...

Oh, and for the record I hate the wave too.

jd said...

i'm bored. it's friday.

which available college stadium fathead would you buy just to set on fire?

i'm going with ND on this one. although it would be a coin toss if the Colliseum were involved

Galen said...

Oh most definitely ND.

Host Pay Per Head said...

It looks that it will fall out any moment in that picture. Stairs looks quite thin for that amount of people.