Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How long until the NCAA bans Twitter?

The NCAA banned coaches from texting recruits but many have turned to Twitter. The NCAA does not ban Twitter because coaches are not contacting recruits directly and recruits must voluntarily sign up to follow their favorite coach's tweets.

New accounts on Twitter, a burgeoning social networking service, have been started by Illinois coach Ron Zook, USC's Pete Carroll, Notre Dame's Charlie Weis and Tennessee's Lane Kiffin, to name a few.

The thing is Twitter does allow direct messages, viewable only by sender and recipient and once the NCAA gets wind of that you know they'll pull the plug on it.

You know now I'm going to have to sign up, I can't wait to read about what all-you-can-eat buffet Charlie Weis is currently at or what celebrity Pete Carroll is hanging out with or what kind of dangerous wild animal Ron Zook is fighting bare handed. Oh and then there's Jay.

Other coaches respond to questions. Penn State assistant coach Jay Paterno has spent considerable time answering inquiries from fans and posts occasional photos, including one of President Barack Obama holding a Nittany Lions jersey.


1 comment:

Paterno Lives! said...

I didn't know chuck had a twitter account...huh.

As for it being banned, I really don't know if they have the justification to do that. Maybe some type of limit on direct messages, but I think this is a totally different animal compared to text messages. Although, I'm also pretty sure the people who run the NCAA probably don't know the difference.