Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue White Redux

A record crowd of 76,500 sun-drenched fans watched as the White team beat the hated Blue team 21-16. Yours truly was in attendance (at least for the first half) and here are some of the impressions I came away with.

-The offensive line will be fine.

Fear numero uno was the development of the offensive line, but things seem to be coming along nicely. With three new starters it seemed like Clark's life was in extreme danger but the line blocked well both in the passing and running game. Granted, the defense didn't throw anything at the offense in the forms of blitzes but the offensive lines blocked the defensive lines quite well which is a good sign. If Penn State is going to have any success the offensive line will have to jell quickly.

-Penn State at least has a couple serviceable backups at quarterback

PSU used Clark sparingly to protect him from injury and to get the backups some much needed playing time. All three backups played well combining to throw 23 – 33 for 265 yards and four touchdowns. Newsome showed some very quick feet in avoiding the rush and looks to be the real deal. McGloin even had a decent day throwing 2 touchdowns.

-Having said that the secondary looks a bit on the scary side.

Yes it was nice that all the quarterbacks had a nice day, but was that because our QB's are good or just that the secondary sucks? Let's look at the numbers.

PASSING (Cmp-Att) Yds
Daryll Clark (10-13) 123
Newsome (9-13) 71
McGloin (9-13) 111
Shane McGregor (5-7) 83

When someone named Shane McGregor is throwing touchdowns on your defense it's time to get a little concerned. Sure it was a basic defense but wide receivers were running free. Be very afraid.

-BSD fans can rejoice.

For whatever reason BSD has some sort of man-crush on Graham Zug and he returned the love by leading both teams in receiving catching 4 passes for 62 yards with a TD. Zug is apparently going to be a very important cog in the Spread HD machine. It also appears that Andrew Quarless has finally had his head removed from his ass. Only time will tell if that's permanent or not.

Not much more to report it was a typical scrimmage. Numbers and stuff can be found here.


Run Up The Score said...

The defensive secondary may or may not eventually be fine (like last year, I worry) but according to Jay, they were stuck playing some very basic combinations throughout the day.

The defenses are usually so far ahead of offenses in the spring, and no program wants to head into the season being reminded of a 6-3 spring game.

(But yeah, I worry.)

Galen said...

While I agree with Jay (perhaps I should twitter that) I still am very very scared that we will see an entire year of bend and then break our hearts defense.

Nick said...

But the Big 12 plays no defense whatsoever and they're the second greatest conference EVAR!!!!! Penn State just needs to score 60 a game.

Pete said...

What do you mean "some sort of man crush on Graham Zug"?

Dude - he's The Zug. I strongly suggest you get on board quickly, lest the Zug telepathically toast your broadband.

Believe, Galen. Believe.

Pete the Streak said...

Dang. How many google accounts do I have? The above comment should have been my Pete the Streak account.

Stupid G-mail.

Galen said...

Must be your alter-ego.