Monday, March 30, 2009

Somewhere David Jones cringes

York Daily Record reporter Frank Bodani recently wrote an article on Penn State's recruiting push into southern California where long-time high school football coach Rolando Rivera and his buddy Scott Glasson help steer high school kids to schools of interest, schools not named USC. While Penn State is late getting into the game it appears the effort might be paying off.

So far, the Lions have offered San Diego stud receiver Kenny Stills, who plans on visiting State College on a recruiting trip. And apparently they are seriously interested in a handful of other kids there. They also have offered Long Beach area's Sean Parker, one of the nation's top safety prospects.

"If they can get out here and keep meeting kids, I think they can really pull in some great ones," Glasson said of the Penn State coaches.

One of the points in the article that really caught my eye was this nugget:

"Penn State's real slow. They didn't just talk to us right away," Glasson said. "They're real careful about everything they do, absurdly so.

"When people say they're clean, it's true."

This isn't the first time someone outside the Penn State Athletic department has made a passing comment like this, it's too bad more writers don't pick up on it. But that would go against the negative attack agenda Pennsylvania writers have against Penn State and Paterno in general. In many of their misguided minds negative = paper sales.

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