Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hate Night: Penn State vs. Notre Dame

I've made it particularly clear that I'm by no means a basketball fan, my first love is college football (obviously) followed closely by college wrestling and then everything else pretty much follows at a distance. I've never really been a basketball fan at all, I've collectively watched about 15 minutes of the NBA in my entire life combined and that was just to see Michael Jordan. But I've always rooted for the school I love and it doesn't matter what the sport, when Penn State is playing for something I'll watch and tonight is definitely something. It's not the NCAA tournament but the NIT means something to this Penn State program that is desperately trying to establish an identity for itself. Even Coach Paterno recognizes the importance of the game tonight, taking time to point it out in his spring press conference.

One thing before I go. I hope you guys are giving this basketball team a little bit of attention. We don't play a game for 100 days and they have a big game coming up Tuesday. I hope you guys talk about what a great job Eddie (DeChellis) and staff have done with those kids. They've played some great basketball games.

Not only is it a big game for Penn State but it's against Notre Dame of all teams. I secretly rooted for Notre Dame to make it to play Penn State because I'll not only be tuning in to root for my beloved PSU but there will be some added hatred involved. It would do my heart good to watch Penn State beat any Notre Dame team but especially in this sport. It's a team from the Big East (read: best basketball conference since Jesus played) and the Irish arrogance transposes nicely to basketball. For them this is a meaningless game against an opponent they should beat soundly, after all Notre Dame belongs in the NCAA tournament not the second rate NIT. So grab a frosty adult beverage, sit back in your favorite recliner and watch Penn State continue its great season tonight, hopefully it won't be over when the final buzzer sounds.

Go State, beat the Irish!


jd said...

Never root for ND victory. Ever. Even if it is the scenerio as described.

Galen said...

and yet it all worked out!