Monday, January 26, 2009

Move your 401K to Derrick Williams

…because his NFL draft stock is rising. D.W. proved in the 2009 Senior Bowl against some of the nation's best that he is one of the best all-around athletes in the NCAA. Williams led the North in All Purpose yardage (124), rushing for 5 yards, catching 2 passes for 19 yards, averaging almost 30 yards a return with 89 total yards, and returned a punt for 11. Fox had this to say about him:

Who's Hot ...

Big Ten receivers

Brian Robiskie and Derrick Williams separated themselves for different reasons in Mobile. Robiskie, another legacy in Mobile (son of Atlanta Falcons assistant Terry), proved to be the week's most-polished pass catcher while few could keep up with Williams' elite speed and solid hands.

This comes after great reviews of D.W.'s practice during the week leading up to the Senior Bowl.


Derek Williams/WR/Penn State: Williams was always thought of as a great athlete who showed flashes of excellence at receiver. He pulled all the pieces together this week and was just plain brilliant. His athletic skills translated into football dominance on just about every snap. He solidified himself as the draft's top senior receiver moving towards the combine and now grades out as a late first-round pick.

Forget mutual funds, in the tough economic environment we face in 2009, there's never been a better option than the NFL stock of Derrick Williams, move your money where it can work for you. You can thank me later when you retire at age 55.


PSUgirl said...

like any good portfolio - I would recommend diversity - but I would definitely sell any Graham Harrell futures you may have acquired after listening to Mike Leach.

And remember - you want to fund your retirement account with assets that, generally, throw off ordinary income - because who wants to pay 35% on capital gains?

Galen said...

Yes, when Harrell got out of the pass happy offense things got a little tough for him.

Anonymous said...

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