Monday, January 12, 2009

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Not a whole lot to discuss recently, Penn State finishes 8th in the AP poll and the USA Today Coaches poll. Aaron Maybin is going pro… maybe.

But despite a recent report on that Maybin informed Joe Paterno Thursday night that he will enter the 2009 NFL Draft, Maybin has remained publicly silent about his future.

Maybin's teammate and close friend, linebacker Jerome Hayes said he had also not heard from Maybin about his plans to stay at Penn State or enter the NFL Draft. "[Aaron's] been very discreet with his plans on what he's going to do," Hayes said Friday evening. "So obviously he worked really hard this season to better himself and he's gotten himself into a pretty good predicament."

"He hasn't said anything to the tune of 'I'm going to the NFL.'"

Maybin has until the 14th (Wednesday) to declare for the NFL.

Speaking of leaving, Larry Johnson Sr. has been officially offered the defensive coordinator's position at Illinois.

The Penn State defensive line coach and top recruiting assistant met with UI officials and head coach Ron Zook on Saturday and was offered a deal in the $400,000 range, possibly with the title of Assistant Head Coach to Zook as his title. Johnson would be the de facto defensive coordinator and earn close to double his salary at Penn State.

Penn State better pony up and match the offer or they will lose a great recruiter and a great line coach. This is a no-brainer in my mind, offer him whatever he wants, you don't want a coach of LJ's caliber at another Big Ten school.

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JeremyInDC said...

PSU should offer LJ SR the DC job too. Bradley is a chump.

The schemes that PSU has been using in the secondary have been ludicrous, and any QB with any talent has been burning us for years, regardless of the CB talent level.