Saturday, November 08, 2008

We Are Who They Thought We Were

This loss isn’t filling me with soul crushing heartache like Minnesota ’99, it’s unfettered anger like Michigan ’05.

I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all those French beaches I’d never see. I wanted to breathe smoke.

Now onto the bile:
- WTF?! Clark. That’s two straight games of terrible reads, awful decisions and unacceptable turnovers. The best throw all day came from Derrick Williams, why didn’t Devlin see any time?

- Quarless? Fantastic work, you whiffed on blocks and couldn’t catch a fucking cold out there.

- I’m angry that Joe couldn’t be on the sideline to apply boot to ass, because that’s what a lot of players needed. Very few showed up this week, must've been too busy planning that trip to Miami.

- Worst of all, now all the “experts” can say, “I told you so.” Sit back and watch the collective masturbation of the media as they marvel at their vast knowledge of all things.

- Oh yeah and fuck that quarter.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you any more... Clark is a joke, and has been since the start. He's not a 'good' quarterback, he has a faster 40 time and that’s the only difference between him and the backup. Even with that, he refuses to leave the pocket and camps out back there waiting. This has to be taught by the coaching staff, for this is a shade of the past QB.

Manup, Clark, start playing the position like you did when you were competing for it. Don't give us the 'my fault' story, we know who's fault it is, we don't need you to remind us. It’s a shame that such a talented receiving core will be gone next year and we’ll probably never see such a group again.

As for the season, who cares! USC will destroy us... As for The 'Big 10 Champs', Please... For those fans, that wants a conference championship, watch basketball...

It's time to stop drinking the 'cool aid', and demand change.
Thanks Joe for the 40 some years but it is now time to build the new PSU dynasty.

Nick said...

I'm not calling for Joe's head at all, quite the opposite. If Paterno is on the sideline, we don't lose that game, he could have gotten a better read if Clark was with it or not, I suspect he wasn't since he was slow making reads and picking up the rush, and pulled the trigger on Devlin. Also, he chews Quarless another new asshole for dogging it and sits him on the bench, we play more Shuler and automatically become 300% more productive. Credit Iowa for the win, more Lions were thinking about Miami beaches than playing the Hawkeyes in the cold.

drozz said...

some of my concerns:
1) we came out throwing into the wind on the first three downs. thanks, jay. we then kept throwing while not providing extra protection to clark.

2) quarless was directly responsible for royster getting killed twice.
he should have been pulled after the first whiff on the goal line. it thought i was watching the eagles short yardage team.

3) why did we refuse to bring the pass rush from multiple angles? their qb is....well, he is not that good. i hate four man rushes on third and long against less than marginal passers.

take that rat-whore quarter and throw it off a very high bridge.