Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blue & White Roundtable: the ‘Last chance for gas’ edition

Last chance for the Blue & White roundtable and Zombie Nation has the honors. I don't know how many will participate but stop by all the B&W Roundtable partners nonetheless.

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1. So, are you freaking out this week? Did you honestly think Penn State would be in this position, going into the last week of the season? How about Michigan State?

No, no, and no. I thought that Penn State would be solid and be in the top three in the Big Ten (unlike every writer in the Big Ten) but I didn't think they would end up a game away from the Big Ten championship and I definitely didn't think they would end up playing Michigan State for the Big Ten. I saw Penn State as a team with 2 or 3 losses when I looked at the stretch of Wisconsin/Michigan/Ohio State. As for Michigan State I thought they'd be a good team but not this good.

Sparty will be solid if not spectacular this season with RB Javon Ringer and QB Brian Hoyer back on offense but the loss of WR Devin Thomas will hurt. On defense DE Trevor Anderson, LB Greg Jones, and SS Otis Wiley give Michigan State something to build around although they only return 5 starters. Like every year I'm sure this game will be as wacky as ones in the past.

I'm still betting on my "wacky" prediction to come true, when has this game ever been anything but?

2. What would you like to see more of/less of this week?

I would love to see more 'early season Daryll Clark' and less 'late season Daryll Clark.' You remember ESDC don't you? The one that led the Big Ten in pass efficiency and was brimming with confidence? Not the fumbling head case that is LSDC. Clark needs a good game if Penn State is going to win their last two games because we all know that it will take a total implosion by LSDC before Devlin would see the field.

3. What are your feelings towards Derrick Williams' career as a Nittany Lion? Has he lived up to the hype? How? If not, who's to blame?

Penn State fans that I know are split when it comes to D.W. Some people really dislike him because he never lived up to the OMG!!! #1 recruits status. But you know what none of that hype was his fault, he didn't create it and he didn't promote it. I love Derrick and I thank him for choosing Penn State and putting in all the hard work that he put in. When he chose Penn State they were a shell of a team. He helped turn this program around and made them a winner again and for that I can be nothing but grateful. He never complained, he kept his nose clean (and he's one of a few to do so over the last four years) and he was always a team player and that's all I ask of a Penn State player. I'll always have good things to say about the kid.

4. The national media is back-pedaling on their summertime pro-SEC propaganda, now saying that conference in overrated. What gives? Haven't we (basically, everyone outside the SEC) been saying that the whole time? How would Penn State stack up against the top few SEC teams, like Alabama, Florida and Georgia, on a neutral field?

Florida? No thank you they are playing gangbusters right now. I'd love to see a Georgia – Penn State matchup because I think Penn State could take them. Let's face it, the national media is comprised of lemmings that can't think for themselves. Whichever way the winds of college football are blowing the media jumps on. Right now everyone is saying the Big 12 is the conference to beat and maybe they are, I guess we'll see in the bowl games.

Bonus/Lightening/Whatever you want to call it, Round...

-Daryll Clark throws a pick?

Nope, he's going to rebound this week.

-Royster scores? How many times?


-Did you go to any games this year? How many?

NOPE! I protested the out of conference schedule, turned in my season tickets and I've never looked back.

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