Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em: Week 13

That diabolical quarter was one pick away from sweeping last week, and fortunately his downfall was Penn State. Time to finish off the regular season.

Last Week
Me: 3-2
THE quarter: 4-1

Season (against the quarter)
Me: 10-6
THE quarter: 8-8

Cal Poly at Wisconsin

At first glance Cal Poly looks like a bit of a hurdle for Wisconsin coming in at 8-1, but when you look at their schedule reality sets in: they just haven't played anyone. They've rung up a crap load of points and yards but that's been against pretty lackluster defenses and Wisconsin is playing for a bowl game because 7-5 looks a hell of a lot better than 6-6. The Badgers running game will wear Cal Poly down by the fourth quarter.

TNL's Trooper: Wisconsin
THE Quarter's pick: Wisconsin

Indiana at Purdue

Literally… THE battle of the basement!! There's not enough pyrotechnics in the world that could put excitement into this game. Anything short of a naked Lindsay Lohan parachuting into the arms of a naked Britney Spears would not generate enough interest for more than 12 people to tune into this game… and those 12 will all be Joe Tiller's relatives. Who to pick? Take the team with the retiring coach.

TNL's Trooper: Purdue
THE Quarter's pick: Purdue

Illinois at Northwestern

One school is playing for a decent bowl game and the other is just playing for a bowl game, I'll bet at the beginning of the season you would not have been able to guess which was which. Did you know that Illinois is ranked 38th or better in every major offensive statistical category in the country? I'm still confused how Northwestern got here. I'll take the team coached by this guy.

TNL's Trooper: Illinois
THE Quarter's pick: Northwestern

Iowa at Minnesota

At first glance this seems like a tossup of two teams sitting at an identical 7-4, but upon closer inspection I don't think this game will be close. Minnesota has lost three straight to Northwestern, Michigan, and Wisconsin while Iowa has won 4 of their last 5 and two of those victims were the same Wisconsin team Minnesota lost to (by a blowout) and No. 3 Penn State. *ooouucchh that hurt, my hand is cramping!!* The Gophers and their 62nd ranked rushing defense are about to learn what an amazing running back Shonn Greene is.

TNL's Trooper: Iowa
THE Quarter's pick: Iowa

Michigan at (10) Ohio State

Ohio State is playing for a share of the Big Ten title for the fourth time in a row and if Michigan State beats Penn State –ed. Note: not bloody likely bastards! THE Buckeyes will head to their fifth BCS bowl game in the last six years. Even though OSU is 84th nationally in total offense they are starting to find a rhythm and the Wolverines defense is quite woeful. Here's the thing though, I just have a gut-wrenching feeling that Michigan has more to play for in this game. Here me out. The Buckeyes have won 4 straight against Michigan and are assured of a good bowl game if not a BCS bowl. Michigan's season is over, this IS their bowl game and it's against a bitter, hated rival. Michigan has a chance to knock that fourth straight title right out of the hands of Ohio State and slap them in the face. Michigan can be good at times they just haven't been consistent for 4 quarters. Something just tells me that OSU won't take Michigan seriously and that makes them ripe for the pickin'.

TNL's Trooper: Michigan
THE Quarter's pick: Michigan

(15) Michigan State at (8) Penn State

Oh my GOD!! Did you guys here that Paterno got 100 tickets for the game!! All his former assistants were invited to come!! The band isn't going to play at halftime!!! I'm telling you man… I have a friend who has a friend, who has a friend who's gay legal partner knows a plumber *snicker* who works at the university and he said it's all true!! I'm telling you this is Paterno's last game man. I'm telling you.

Ok, seriously bring out the obligatory shot of the piece of shit trophy the Lions are playing for.

When Penn State beat Ohio State everyone was pointing to this game as Penn State's last toughy. That is everyone but me, no I said Iowa. *FUCK!* But I digress. Penn State won't come out lethargic, this is a chance at the Big Ten title and a BCS bowl. Penn State won't start out slow like they did in so many other games. Penn State's defense will contain Javon Ringer and I don't see Brian Hoyer beating them. I think this game won't be the close dogfight everyone is predicting, I think it's a win by more than a touchdown for Penn State. Call me crazy, the good lord knows I've been wrong before.

TNL's Trooper: Penn State
THE Quarter's pick: Penn State


drozz said...

well, no matter the outcome of all the games, your picks will beat the quarter for the season. at best, the quarter will be one game behind you.

that'll show that ignorant quarter what for.

you picked first, right? then flipped?

Galen said...

Yes, I always pick first, I think the quater is cheating off of me, that bastard.