Thursday, October 09, 2008

It’s Hockey Season?

Unfortunately, I missed the Pens season opener in Stockholm because of well… college football but suffice it to say the Pens split the short series with the Sens. I'm bringing this up because we have a new Pittsburgh-based blog that you should check out called (appropriately for Pirates fans) This is Gettting Old. I was asked to add a link and I have a strict police of always checking a blog out before adding it to my blogroll (hey you have to have some standards, I mean I'm not a whore, ok I am but still…) but I followed the link and was greeted with this:

I need no further investigation consider yourself linked. Oh there are more pictures of Alyssa Milano and this is the least sexy of them but she's wearing my favorite hockey team's shirt so it's damn sexy to me. Head on over if you're a Pittsburgh fan (he's also a Penn State fan) and check it out or head on over and trash talk if you're a Philly fan, whatever just head over and check out hot pictures of Alyssa Milano.

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