Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em

Last week (4-1)

That's more like it but I need to step it up and get myself a sweep. This week I'm going with a lot of trends in the Big Ten. Purdue, Wisconsin, and Indiana are reeling while Northwestern and Minnesota are riding waves of success. Let's roll.

No. 22 Northwestern (6-1) at Indiana (2-5)

Hoosiers quarterback Kellen Lewis is still listed as "questionable" by head coach Bill Lynch as of Tuesday. If he can't play it's a definite win for the Wildcats if he does play it won't be at full strength. Lewis is the entire offense for Indiana so there isn't much more to say.

TNL's Trooper: Northwestern

No. 24 Minnesota (6-1) at Purdue (2-5)

The Gophers are playing as a ranked team for the first time in three years and will look to win at Purdue, a feat they haven't accomplished in 18 years. If the Gophers can manage to beat a struggling Boilermaker team they return home for 3 of their last 4 games. Purdue continues to pile up the yards, Kory Sheets needs 267 yards for 1,000, but they keep making costly mistakes. If Purdue can ever get on track they could beat some teams, but that doesn't happen this week.

TNL's Trooper: Minnesota

Illinois (4-3) at Wisconsin (3-4)

Iowa running back truck tank Shonn Greene blew through the Badger defense like Dave's Insanity Sauce through a digestive tract. Green rushed for 217 yards and 4 touchdowns. Now Wisconsin gets to welcome Juice Williams. Have fun with that.

TNL's Trooper: Illinois

Michigan State (6-2) at Michigan (2-5)

Both teams are coming off of beat downs by Ohio State and Penn State, the conference's two best teams, but really when these two teams meet the only thing that matters is the game itself. Michigan State always plays the role of little brother to Michigan but if there ever was a year for State to catch Michigan at their worst it's this year. Michigan State is still on pace to have a great year and had they not turned the ball over 5 times, they might have looked better against Ohio State. Michigan looked good for a half against Penn State but then reverted back to the real Michigan team. The Wolverines might have blown their wad against Penn State and played the best ball they've played this season (for a half). I think Sparty has more to prove in this one.

TNL's Trooper: Spaaaarrrttttaaaaa!

No. 3 Penn State (8-0) at No. 9 Ohio State (7-1)

Penn State gets to play another "first real test" game for the third time this season. True PSU hasn't played a defense like Ohio State's and true they haven't faced a backfield as talented as the Buckeyes (at least from a running perspective), but Terrelle Pryor hasn't faced a defense like Penn State's and he has yet to play in a game that he needs to pass. If Penn State can get a lead and force Pryor to beat them with his arm, Penn State wins.

TNL's Trooper: Penn State

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