Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em: Week 10

Last week (3-2)

Baaahhhhh! Who could have predicted Indiana beating Northwestern? And Wisconsin woke up for a game while Juice Williams went to sleep. I'm getting ever so close to letting the almighty coin flip do the work for me. Maybe I'll do both this week and see who does a better job, me vs. THE quarter.

Central Michigan at Indiana

Indiana shocked some of us (not these guys) by beating a ranked Northwestern team that had only one loss. In comes MAC superpower Central Michigan and their 19th ranked passing attack. CM's two blemishes are to Georgia and a 10-point loss to Purdue. When in doubt go with the team that has a quarterback with a name that sounds like a French disease. Yes I think I've come down with a bout of LeFevour.

TNL's Trooper: Central Michigan
THE quarter's pick: Indiana

Northwestern at (17) Minnesota

This was supposed to be a matchup of cellar dwellers turned ranked opponents, the feel-good story of the year but Northwestern had to go and lay and egg against Indiana. Minnesota leads the Big Ten in forced turnovers and Northwestern will be without star running back Tyrell Sutton who is out for the year with a wrist injury. Oh, and starting quarterback C.J. Bacher who led Northwestern to a 49-48 double-overtime win completing 41-of-58 passes for 470 yards and four TD's last year against the Gophers is questionable. Not good for the men in purple.

TNL's Trooper: Minnesota
THE quarter's pick: Minnesota

Wisconsin at (21) Michigan State

Last week Wisconsin halted their 4-game skid by beating Illinois and Michigan State finally beat their big brother Michigan after getting crushed by Ohio State. Michigan State has historically had a tough time with Wisconsin but the Badgers are without star tight end Travis Beckum who had a season-ending injury last week. That doesn't bode well for them as Beckum ran wild against Michigan State last year in a 37-34 victory catching 10 passes for 132 yards with a touchdown. Wisconsin is surrendering 133 yards per game on the ground so look for Ringer to have a big day. Penn State fans should be rooting for Michigan State to win out, another victory over a ranked opponent will look good Penn State's resume.

TNL's Trooper: Michigan State
THE quarter's pick: Michigan State

Michigan at Purdue

Talk about a game of total insignificance, I'm surprised the Big Ten Network is even carrying this game. Michigan's offense is still 110th in total yards and Purdue's defense seems to be getting a little more solid (as in solidifying jello solid). Purdue's offense is 100th in points scored at 20.3 per game and Michigan's offense is 105th scoring 18.9 points per game. That sounds about right: 20-18 and what a show it will be.

TNL's Trooper: Purdue
THE Quarter's Pick: Michigan

Iowa at Illinois

Iowa's passing offense is woeful but their rushing offense is actually statistically better than Illinois. The Fighting Zookers have yet to face a defense like Iowa's and Illinois has yet to face a bruising running back like Shonn Greene. After last week's debacle against Wisconsin the Zooker is questioning just about everything. This is a battle of two teams headed in opposite directions.

TNL's Trooper: Iowa
The Quarter's pick: Iowa

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