Monday, September 08, 2008

PSU Review: Oregon State

TNL said - 45-28 (PSU)
Actual Score – 45-14 (PSU)

So I didn't give Penn State's defense enough credit. They held Oregon State to 342 total yards without two starting defensive lineman – that's impressive.


Penn State had a lot


Penn State had more than I thought

Special Teams

In a word: special


I have to be completely honest with you, for the first time in my life I got so unbelievably drunk that I passed out and missed an entire Penn State game. I'm not talking weekend warrior type of drunk, I'm talking call the paramedics he may not be breathing class of drunk. My company had its annual tailgate for one of our best customers and I was there (read: I ate a lot of free food and drank a metric assload of free liquor) Let's just say I took on the Grey Goose challenge and lost. Bad! So any analysis at this point would be a charade on my part, so just go here and read from the people that get paid to do it. Let's just move on and never speak of this again.

Damn you to HELL!!


Anonymous said...

Um, dumbass comes to mind

Galen said...

Yes... very much so.